Cinderella toilet systems for international markets |

Cinderella toilets systems are modern incinerating toilets, where the waste products urine and fesis get burned at high temperature to completely sanitize the ash that remains. 

We produce two systems;

  • Cinderella Classic - Operates on 230 V electricity
  • Cinderella Gas - Operates on propane and 12 V DC

The toilet system is ideal for holiday houses, work sheds, mobile wagons, boats, trains, hoist cranes etc. The toilet does not need water to work. Ash amount: Approx one teacup (normal use, 5 people, 1 week).


  • Norwegian produced. High quality. Scandinavian design.
  • Eco– friendly. Child Safe. 
  • Easy to install.  Requires no water or sewer connections
  • Small quantity of ash. Very high capacity, up to 12 people.
  • Requires very little space. Easy to transport.
  • Odourless.  No problem with flies.
  • No need for composting agents or chemicals
  • NEMKO approved (Classic), DBI approved (Gas) and CE marked.
  • Easy emptying of ash bin. Cleaning Alert - tells you to empty ash bin.
  • Software “Sense” saves energy while ensuring complete combustion.
  • Minimal waste. The waste is free of bacteria and can be used as fertilizer.

Documentation (PDF):

 Product sheet - CLASSIC Product sheet - GAS 
    info sheet - Professional market User manual thumb poster


Cindererella toilet systems has mainly been distributed and sold in the Nordic countries. Now we are looking for suitable international partners. We are looking for partners who are experienced with import and have access to proper distribution. Please click link below for more information and assessment form.